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Cameron R. Corcoran

Hello, I'm Cameron Corcoran and I have a passion for making content. Today content is king and I want to be the one to make it. I have experience in every aspect of video production, marketing, content writing, design, and website creation. In my experience, I am used to wearing many different hats and juggling multiple projects. Let me show you why I am your go-to for all digital media content.

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Why Content Creation

Like I said content is king. Multi-billion dollar industries thrive solely on the content they produce. From movies, comics, video games, videos, to even memes content is essential to many people’s lives and entertainment. Content can shape public opinion and offer new perspectives we didn’t think imaginable. The content we make today is the entertainment for tomorrow, and I want to be the one to make it.


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Margin Compression Email

The Titanic of the modern era is Margin Compression and we aren’t talking about a DiCaprio love story—we mean the actual boat. Deemed as the “unsinkable ship”, this giant vessel docks itself in the port of every dealership, even though no one asked for it. However, history always repeats itself. Much like its predecessor, Margin Compression is sinking —fast. So what took down this dealership Goliath? The iceberg, known as Vehicle Personalization. By combating decreasing profits in cars sold, Vehicle Personalization can make a huge dent in Margin Compression. Big enough to sink any ship. 91% of an iceberg is under the water’s surface, this is just the tip of the Vehicle Personalization iceberg. Imagine what else it can do for your dealership, or you know...we could just tell you.