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Cameron R. Corcoran

Hello, I'm Cameron Corcoran and I have a passion for making content. Today content is king and I want to be the one to make it. I have experience in every aspect of video production, marketing, content writing, design, and website creation. In my experience, I am used to wearing many different hats and juggling multiple projects. Let me show you why I am your go-to for all digital media content.

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Why Content Creation

Like I said content is king. Multi-billion dollar industries thrive solely on the content they produce. From movies, comics, video games, videos, to even memes content is essential to many people’s lives and entertainment. Content can shape public opinion and offer new perspectives we didn’t think imaginable. The content we make today is the entertainment for tomorrow, and I want to be the one to make it.


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Vehicle Personalization: 3 Steps to Accessories on Every Deal

If you had the opportunity to make more from every car sale, would you? Hopefully, your answer was an enthusiastic “yes, of course!” (or a sarcastic “duh”). Nevertheless, thousands of dealerships across the nation still turn a blind eye to a multi-billion dollar industry (that's right, a billion, with a “B”). ‘Where is this treasure trove of BaBillion sales coming from?’ you may ask. Simple--Vehicle Personalization. Adding accessories to the car sale is the cherry on top for both your dealership’s sales and your customer’s experience (that's a CSI booster, folks). Although Vehicle Personalization is a simple equation: accessories + vehicle sold = more money! Implementing a successful accessory process can be a...well, a process. Developing a sustainable, standard operating procedure in your sales department is not impossible. Managing the right process takes patience and persistence. Also, depending on your dealership, not every process is perfect for you. At this point, you might see numbers and questions flying around your head. Vehicle brands, sales volume, even your dealership location, play major roles in accessory success. Every dealership is different, yet they all can b