I started at Insignia Group a local software company as an intern through the Rock Hill Talent Pipeline. I was featured as one of their Bright Minds for getting a position at the company after my internship. I was initially hired to help rebuild and redesign their website.They were so impressed with my work they offered me a full-time position as their Hubspot Operations Specialist for the summer.


While there I have managed their social media, increasing their audience range, built marketing emails, developed marketing campaigns, and managed their website. Below is some content I have developed for them including website comparisons between their old site and the one I created for them and infographics.

Insignia Group Spring 2017- Current
Image Fix
illustrator work
Colorize WW2
new guided
new leaders
new home

Here are some examples of work I have done for classes. They include Photoshop and Illustrator images that I have traced, restored, or colorized. I found these projects to be very rewarding and they helped peaked my interest in becoming a content creator.

Class Work

This was my first experience of working in the real world. I interned at a local company called RevenFlo where I worked with a great group of media specialists. Here I wrote blogs highlighting local charities as promotion for RevenFlo’s charity giving app they were developing called Givolio. I also developed and designed infographics highlighting statistics to support Givolio, Snapchat filters, and set up social media events through Facebook.

RevenFlo Internship Fall 2016
DIFD Senior Capstone - Red Ventures Spring 2017

For my DIFD senior capstone class our team worked with an actual client to develop an application they could use. Our client was Red Ventures and they gave us the chance to solve a unique problem. Red Ventures wanted to change the way they spoke to younger customers. Seeing how most of their younger audience didn’t want to speak on the phone, rich messaging was an alternative younger people would be more interested to try.

 We developed a live stream infomercial of sorts where audiences could watch a live salesperson sell products, address live chat questions, and seamlessly connect group chat members to representatives to further sell products.

I developed real world products, wrote all the text for the application, performed as the livestream salesperson, and camera operator for the project. I was also the communication leader for the team. As the communication leader, I relayed messages from the group to our client and vice versa, and managed any of the teams comments or questions to the right people.

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