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How to Binge Watch a Show

Another well received video (or at least my family tells me so) a process video on how to binge watch a show. Honestly I just wanted an excuse to eat popcorn and throw food around! I loved how clean my transitions were and how the music paired with the video. Hopefully you learn a thing or two for the next show you watch!

This is one of my personal favorite videos. For this project we had to create a trailer for a well-known movie but had to send out a different message than what the movie originally intended. Some examples of other trailer remixes include Marry Poppins as a horror movie or The Shining as a family vacation movie. I decided to change the love interest from Jenny in Forrest Gump to Bubba and Lt. Dan. It was enjoyable to see how this turned out and to this day I still get a laugh at what I made. Enjoy!

This was a fun project where we had to make a short narrative. My professor would always hound us for not using the tripod for our videos so I decided to make a satire of the whole issue. Something along the lines of “use the tripod or else.” The hardest part (besides trying to act scared) was getting the shots without a tripod. I had grown so dependent on it that coming up with angles proved to be its own challenge.

I have always enjoyed making videos. Every step introduces new challenges and gives me different ways to be creative. My videos are by far not perfect, in fact I can find issues with every single one and wish I could remake them to be better. I am not much of a perfectionist unless it comes to my videos. I feel like my work can always use improvement and I can always do better. Although I feel this way the following videos were usually highly praised by my professors and peers. Some might say I am too hard on myself but I believe it is because I am striving to be better.

Here are some of my personal favorite videos showing a spectrum of the content I can create. If you enjoyed a video look further down for more information about each video.

My Videos

This was the first time I used any animated software. This was a “How to” video on how to survive college. This is always something I like to show off because there were a lot of new elements used in making this video. For one using an animation software instead of just filming was different and secondly doing a voice over is something I am not used to.

This was my first project diving into After Effects. Like the Forrest Gump trailer remix, we had to convey a new message for a film. This time I was given the genre of drama and went with a crime drama trailer. I loved editing this together and I hope you love watching it!

This was a natural sound package that was used for Winthrop Close up. This is a great example of the broadcasting work I can do. It was a great performance and I hope I did it justice in showing it off. Sadly I was confined to only one part of the stage and could only get a limited view of the performance. In this video you can find a general summary of the show, interviews, and other highlights.

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